As a trainer, Marcel takes one on one time or in a small group setting to bridge the gap for skill development and character development. Marcel brings his relentless work ethic that allowed him to win a Class C State Championship, be first team All-State, Class Valedictorian, and D-1 standout at Houston Baptist University as a four yr. starter. He values Self Confidence, Discipline, Character, Basketball IQ (feel of the game) and,  Basketball Fundamentals (Shooting, passing, footwork, dribbling, & more). Lite Training sessions last an hour long with a maximum of 4 in a group. Follow @trainingl.i.t.e on Instagram. 


Romeo Weems, Amauri Hardy, Alex Fountain, Anthony Odunsi, Curtis Williams, Juwan Howard Jr. Patrick Owenu, Jaden Aikens, and more.

$40 per person in group session 

$70 one on one session


$300 for up to 6 sessions (Use at your own pace)


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