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Coach Marcel/Smith/Cel has seen immediate success since he began his coaching career with The Family Basketball Organization. His coaching style is described as detailed but free with the expectation of being fundamentally sound with dedication and hard work as a team. Coach Smith believes “Small Details” are the difference in winning and losing most of the time. Also, Coach Smith doesn't believe in one person being bigger than the team which has lead to staggering success at the youth basketball level. Coach Smith is patient and doesn’t expect everything to come right away as he moves up the ranks coaching top to bottom in the family basketball program. In 2019, Coach Smith "Cel" was selected as Detroit Piston Coach of The Year and advanced to the semifinals (final 8) for Jr. NBA Coach of The Year.


Michigan Warriors Jamfest 2017

GRNBA Nationals 2017

MIDWEST JR NBA Champions 2018

Storm Classic 2017, 2018

ALL Ohio Nike Grassroots 2019 

NY2LA Spring 2019


Jaden Hardy, Julian Roper Jr., Pierre Brooks,

Jaden Aikens, Owen Lobsinger, Curtis Williams

Braylon Green, Sonny Wilson, Trevor Smith, Ty Rodgers, Jayden Nunn, and More.



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